“MEGATON MUSASHI W: WIRED” End User License Agreement

Please be sure to read this End User License Agreement (“Agreement”) before using the “MEGATON MUSASHI W: WIRED” game software (“Software”) provided by LEVEL5 Inc. (“LEVEL5”). When you install the Software, this Agreement shall become a valid agreement between you and LEVEL5.

1. License

  1. LEVEL5 grants a non-exclusive, non-commercial, non-transferable, revocable, non-sublicensable, and exclusive personal right to install the Software on your hardware through a third-party platform (“Platform”) and to use the Software for personal use only, provided that you comply with this Agreement and the terms and conditions of the Platform.
  2. If you are under the age of 18 (or the legal age of majority in your country of residence) or have limited mental capacity, please obtain the consent of your legal parent or guardian regarding to the terms of this Agreement before installing the Software.

2. Login and Registration

  1. In order to use the Software, it may be necessary to log on to the Platform for the first time, or on each occasion.
  2. To use the Steam version of the Software, you must install the Steam client software and register for a Steam account. In this case, you must also agree to and comply with the Steam Subscriber Agreement.
  3. This Software incorporates client software from Epic Online Services (“Epic Online”), provided by Epic Games, Inc. The client software is used solely for the purpose of providing Epic Online functionality such as authentication, login, and others. For more information, see https://dev.epicgames.com/services.
  4. Unless directly related to the use of the Software, LEVEL5 shall bear no liability or responsibility for your use of the Platform. Any inquiries concerning the Platform should be addressed to the Platform provider.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights related to the Software (including updates and additional contents) belong to LEVEL5 or other third parties with legitimate rights and are protected by Japanese copyright law, international treaties, and other Japanese and international laws and regulations.
  2. This Agreement authorizes you to use the Software but does not transfer any intellectual property rights in relation to the Software, in whole or in part.
  3. If you violate this Agreement and infringe the intellectual property rights of the Software, LEVEL5 may take legal means against you, including for an injunction against the infringement and a claim for compensation for damages.

4. Prohibited Matters

In using the Software, you must not:

  1. Use, copy, modify, alter, translate, transmit, sell, analyze, or reverse engineer the Software beyond the scope provided for in this Agreement;
  2. Engage in unauthorized access to or excessive loading of the Software’s server;
  3. Use or provide unauthorized tools or programs not intended by LEVEL5;
  4. Disseminate false information about LEVEL5 or the Software;
  5. Intentionally exploit defects or others in the Software;
  6. Engage in criminal or fraudulent acts, or acts related thereto;
  7. Act in violation of public order or morals, or laws and regulations;
  8. Engage in acts that interfere with the smooth running of the business of LEVEL5 by making an unreasonable inquiry or request outside of the legal responsibility of LEVEL5 or customer support;
  9. Engage in any act that assists, encourages, or prepares for any acts falling under any of the preceding items;
  10. Engage in any other act deemed inappropriate by LEVEL5.

5. Disclaimer

  1. LEVEL5 provides the Software as is and does not make any guarantee regarding its completeness, operational stability, accuracy, or suitability for your use.
  2. LEVEL5 shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from your use or inability to use the Software, except in the case of intentional or negligent action on the part of LEVEL5.
  3. In the case that the intentional or negligent action of LEVEL5 results in damages to you in connection with the Software, regardless of the cause of claim, the liability of LEVEL5 shall be limited to the amount actually paid when you purchased the Software.
  4. If the limitation of liability specified in 5(2) or 5(3) is not permitted under relevant laws and regulations, the liability of LEVEL5 shall be limited to the minimum permitted under said laws and regulations.
  5. LEVEL5 has no knowledge of, and assumes no responsibility for, disputes arising between you and any third party. Any such disputes shall be resolved at your own risk and expense.

6. Modification of this Agreement

LEVEL5 may modify this Agreement from time to time by setting a period of notice and posting on the Software, the Platform, or LEVEL5’s official Website.

7. Termination of this Agreement

  1. You may terminate this Agreement at any time by waiving your right to use the Software.
  2. If you violate this Agreement, your right granted under this Agreement to use the Software shall immediately be terminated.

8. Export Control

You shall comply with the laws and regulations of Japan and other countries and regions, and shall not directly or indirectly export the Software to any country to which the Government of Japan has suspended trade.

9. General Terms

  1. If any part of this Agreement is deemed invalid by laws and regulations, the validity of other provisions shall not be affected.
  2. This Agreement shall be governed by Japanese law, and the Fukuoka District Court shall be the exclusive court with jurisdiction in the first instance with respect to disputes between you and LEVEL5 relating to this Agreement.
  3. This Agreement is made in Japanese and translated into English. If there is any discrepancy between the Japanese version of this Agreement and the English version in any other language, the Japanese version shall prevail.

Last Updated March 28, 2024