Must-See for Beginners! Quick Tips and Tricks

* This page supports Japanese and English only.

How to Build a Strong Rogue

  • Rec. Enhancement

    This feature recommends enhancement options when you're unsure of how to strengthen your Rogue! Be sure to take advantage of it!

  • Treasure Missions

    Treasure Missions offer even more equipment, EXP, and credits than other types of missions!
    Use Cartridges to obtain rewards more efficiently!
    *Available rewards vary depending on the mission.

  • Bonus Items

    Sortie with Bonus Items equipped to obtain items efficiently!
    Try combining the Drop Cartridge, which increases the drop rate of items of Legendary rarity or higher, with the Benefit Radar!

  • Earning EXP EfficientlyEXP Cartridge/Rec. Mission

    Try the Treasure Mission "Hands-On Training."
    Side Missions from XM-17 onwards, especially WM-01,WM-02,WM-03 on Megaton difficulty are also recommended!
    Using "EXP Cartridges" makes them even more efficient!

Trivia You Should Know

  • Daily Achievements

    By completing tasks listed under "Daily Achievements," you can earn valuable items.
    Two tasks are added every day and each one is available for seven days, so give them a shot!

  • Mission Bonus

    Completing missions that have a "Mission Bonus" will give you more items than normal.
    Look out for these missions when you want to efficiently acquire items!