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Announcement of Version 3.0.3 Release

Update Date:2024.5.17 [JST]

Ver. 3.0.3 addresses the following issues.

Bug Fixes

  • ●Fixed an issue whereby, under certain conditions, using Enhance multiple for Overlimits resulted in items besides those specified being enhanced, and/or consuming a number of credits and enhancement resources beyond the specified value.
    • *Regarding the items that caused this issue to occur; Enhancement Levels have been adjusted, and a portion of the credits and items that were consumed beyond the specified value will be returned.
  • ●(Nintendo Switch™ Only) Equipment items whose Gear Rank was lowered to the Player Rank upon the transfer of save data have been restored to their previous Gear Rank.
    • *Please perform the update on a device where the Megaton Musashi X data is saved.
    • *If the equipment is enhanced beyond its previous Gear Rank after transferring save data, the higher Gear Rank will be kept.
    • *Resources and credits spent on returning the Gear Rank to its previous state will be returned.
  • ●Fixed an issue whereby deploying on a mission with certain parts equipped caused the game to end while loading, or prevented the player from progressing.
  • ●Fixed an issue whereby, after transferring save data, some transferred items, etc. could no longer be used.
    • *This issue affected Yamato's Student Uniform, Victory Pose: Kabuki, and the Specified Development of the Rogue Proto-Frame 0X.
  • ●Fixed an issue in Chapter 3 of the story whereby there was a rare chance that the player would become unable to progress after entering Classroom 2-A in Seikoku Academy for the first time.
  • ●Fixed an issue in the Chapter 6 Story Mission "Life or Death," whereby, under certain conditions, the player would become unable to progress.
  • ●Fixed an issue in Chapter 2 of the story in "New Game +," whereby there was a rare chance that the player would become unable to progress after leaving Morishita Electronics.
  • ●Fixed an issue with the Chapter 2 Customization tutorial whereby the player would become unable to progress if they selected a Light Form Rogue part.
  • ●Fixed an issue whereby there was a rare chance the player would be unable to Cross Save.
    • *This issue only occurred in the Nintendo Switch™ version.
  • ●Fixed an issue whereby, upon changing to the Details page when upgrading, the number of required resources did not display correctly.
  • ●Fixed an issue with the PlayStation®5 version whereby the sound would skip.
  • ●Fixed an issue with potency that was reducing the skill potency of certain obtained weapons to 0.
    • *This issue affected Bow-Quns, etc. that were obtained immediately after pre-orders for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 started on April 22nd.
  • ●Fixed an issue whereby, under certain conditions, the account name did not display correctly in the rankings displayed during the results of the Colosseum Ranked Matches.
  • ●Fixed an issue with how account names displayed in rankings when the player's Epic Games account was linked.
  • ●Fixed the number of missions in the info text of the Megaton Ⅱ Breaker rankings.
  • ●Corrected the weapon drop information to "Flame Weapons" in the Side Mission "The Dark King."
    • *Dropped items have not been changed.
  • ●Corrected a typographical error in the text of Takumi Kindaichi's Database entry.
    • *This error was only present in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
  • ●Corrected a mistranslation that appeared in Momoka's dialogue in Classroom 2-A.
  • ●Corrected Balto's dialogue in the Lost Village to include an omission made in the translation.
  • ●Corrected mistranslations in some of the Decal names.
    • *Only in English.
  • ●Fixed an issue whereby voices did not play when some characters were spoken to in the Photography Club and Newspaper Club in Seikoku Academy.
  • ●Fixed an issue whereby certain characters could not be entered for the password.
  • ●Fixed an issue with Weapon Proficiency whereby equipping certain weapons resulted in other weapons gaining Proficiency Points as well.
  • ●Fixed a mistake present in all languages besides Japanese concerning the "Options > Game Settings" Cross Play settings explanation.
  • ●Fixed an issue with Auto-Dismantle whereby the Legendary Ⅱ and Iconic Legendary Ⅱ settings did not function correctly.
  • ●Fixed an issue with Online Missions whereby, under certain conditions, weapons that were not equipped gained Proficiency Points.
  • ●Adjusted the Rail Shooter's hit count so that it would be less affected by FPS settings.
  • ●Also fixed additional minor issues.

Fixes and Changes

  • ●Set the "Continue" option to display as long as Cross Save is active, so players can now check Cross Save data even when there is no save data.
  • ●Removed EXP Input Module from Player Rank 80 Daily Achievements rewards.