Notice Regarding Bugs

Update Date:2024.5.17 [JST]

We have identified the following issue:

Posted on 5/8 (Wednesday), Updated on 5/17

In languages other than Japanese, an issue has been identified with the Cross-Play settings under "Options" > "Game Settings".

  • ●When the setting "Same Platform Matching Only" is turned ON, Cross-Play is enabled, and when turned OFF, matching is limited to the same platform only, which is the opposite of the expected settings.

    The Mission Counter's settings function correctly; turning "Cross-Play ON" activates this feature.

    If you wish to engage in Cross-Play, please set the above option to "ON" or enable it from the Mission Counter until the fix is complete.

Posted on 5/4 (Saturday), Updated on 5/17

  • ●Occasional Overconsumption of Materials and Credits When Using "Enhance Multiple" in Overlimit

    ・Occurrence Conditions
    For users that have transferred save data and previously held a large number of items (approx. 650 or more in categories such as bodies, melee weapons, etc.), this issue may rarely occur when using "Enhance multiple" in Overlimit on an item of the respective category.

    ・Avoidance Method
    If you meet the above conditions, please use "Enhance once" when overlimiting.
    * "Enhancing multiple" under other conditions will not cause this issue.

    We are currently investigating the details of this issue and working on a fix.

Posted on 5/2 (Thursday), Updated on 5/17

  • ●Unable to Play the Game When Deploying on Missions

    We are currently investigating the details of this issue and working on a fix.
    It has been observed that not equipping the Riding Board when deploying can highly increase the chances of resolving this problem.
    If you are affected by this issue, please consider removing the Riding Board before deploying until a permanent fix is implemented.

Posted on 4/24 (Wednesday), Updated on 4/30

Target Platform
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PS5
  • PS4
  • Steam
  • ●When transferring save data to "MEGATON MUSASHI W: WIRED," if the Equipment Rank of parts or weapons exceeds the Player Rank, their Equipment Rank will be reduced to the player's current rank, but not below 50.

    If transferring parts or weapons of Equipment Rank 85 at Player Rank 75 from "MEGATON MUSASHI X" or "MEGATON MUSASHI" to "MEGATON MUSASHI W: WIRED", the Equipment Rank will decrease to 75.

    We are considering measures to restore the Equipment Rank that was decreased due to the transfer process.
    In some cases, save data from the original "MEGATON MUSASHI X" or "MEGATON MUSASHI" may be required for this process, so please do not delete your save data.

Posted on 4/22 (Monday), Updated on 4/25

Target Platform
  • PS5
  • PS4
  • ●Sound dropouts during gameplay on the PlayStation®5 version.
  • ●The Premium Pass being unavailable during the Early Access period.

* Please note that issues that have been fixed will be removed from this page after a certain period of posting.